5 device features that save lives

Do you have or are thinking of buying an Alexa? At first glance, after a wave of smart home, this virtual assistant seems to be on the wish list of thousands of people. Resources equipped with this technology are increasingly popular among users who aim for greater organization in their homes and activities.

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So, we are going to comment on some of the features it can do, which may be useful to you. With countless voice commands to be done, we have separated some of them

Alexa features that can be turned on daily for your routine

1. Find your cell phone

For those who frequently lose their phones, Alexa can help you find them again. Simply download the Alexa app from your online store and update or add your phone number. As a result, you will be able to play it to ring your device.

2. Timer and alarm clock Alexa

Imagine the following situation: you need to get the cake out of the oven within exactly 35 minutes. To avoid forgetting or being distracted after the time has passed, Alexa can set a timer and remind you when the food is ready. In addition, it is also possible to set an alarm clock for the next day, ensuring that you wake up on time.

3. Organize your schedule

Keeping an agenda is a fun way to organize your schedule and activities to be done in daily life. When setting up your schedule in the virtual assistant, it is possible for her to ask about the nearest event, according to what you have described to her.

4. Transit

GPS apps allow users to organize themselves with their preferred routes to destinations. Some even monitor traffic conditions. With Alexa, you can ask for the fastest way to your work or destination.

5. Control smart home devices

One of the most famous functions involving Amazon’s virtual assistant is its ability to control smart devices. She can change the color of a light bulb, turn on the TV, control the air conditioning, and even lock the front door, if compatible.

So, for now, if you want an immersive experience with Alexa, consider smart devices that integrate with this technology. Finally, if you’re interested, Amazon makes recommendations for devices that can be added to cart and used with.

Originally posted 2023-07-18 19:53:36.