Cláudio Caçapa ‘says goodbye’ to Botafogo, is celebrated and shares the merits: ‘What would happen to me without Lucio Flavio?

victory Botafogo 2-0 over Red Bull Bragantino This Saturday evening (15/7), for Round 15 of Brasileirao 2023leaving a positive atmosphere of farewell Claudio Cacappaassistant Leon who became a temporary coach at Glorioso. In four matches, there were four wins.

Cacappa was celebrated on the field by Elevenegro’s team, who threw him into the air, earning praise from the football executive. Andrei Mazzocco He held a press conference. Share the benefits with the assistant Lucio Flaviobefore passing the baton to Bruno LageNew club coach.

I want to talk about this competent and honest professional, it is rare to find people like him. Committed, he loves the club, and what he does, he is hardworking and knows football. When I came here, I already knew that we had mutual friends, and everyone praised Lucio. I can 100% say they didn’t get the reviews wrong. They get it right, because of the integrity, professionalism, and personality that he is. He is willing to help without wanting anything in return. Hug me, let’s work together. Today they talk about me, but what would happen to me without Lucio Flavio? anything. He was the one who knew the cast, which saved me a lot of time. When we talk, it’s because he knows the athletes better than I do. Caçapa shouted.

He gave me many positive points, like Carlos Alberto’s entry against Vasco. He entered, assisted and scored. We owe a lot of respect to Lucio Flavio, the man I will take for life, he has become my brother. I thank everyone on the coaching staff, because everyone hugged me. It’s very difficult in football, everyone wants a little bit, this is a very closed group. Nice to see. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that I would go through what I went through today – Completed.

Originally posted 2023-07-16 03:31:21.