Elton John testifies for Kevin Spacey in sexual assault trial; Understand why the singer was called

Elton John testifies at Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault trial via video call in a London courtroom on Monday. The Oscar winner called the singer to testify in his favor, which made clear to prosecutors one of the cases in which Spacey was accused.

John was asked about the actor’s participation in the luxury charity event, White Tie and Tiara, which the artist organized in the early 2000s. Driver so hard that he almost crashed his car. The complainant claimed that what happened wasin 2004 or 2005“.

The “Rocket Man” voice-over claimed not to remember the accuser, and explained how Spacey was going to arrive at the event. He was wearing a white tie (suit). I was on a private plane and went straight to the ball.”, He said. John is also asked if Kevin actually got off the plane to attend the party. “I guess so, I don’t think he’d wear a white tie on a commercial flight.”answered.

Elton added that the actor hasn’t attended a White Tie and Tiara in the years the whistleblower has launched. According to him, the “American Beauty” star attended the 2001 edition, and she and her husband stayed at his house in Windsor after the event. “I don’t remember him then.”announced.

The prosecutor in the case asked Emmy nominee Christine Agnew about a photo of the defendant holding an umbrella outside a theater in London. The record is from later years and shows, even then, John leaving the place on another occasion. The Briton said he did not recognize the man and would not notice the time as it was.Always a crazy rushTo get into the car when he left a place where there were paparazzi outside. “She could be the Queen and I don’t notice.”pointed out.

Kevin Spacey is responsible for 12 sexual assault cases (Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Elton John’s husband, David Furnish, also appeared on the video call from Monaco to give his statement. He reinforced his partner’s and Spacey’s testimony by reporting that the actor only participated in the charity event in 2001. Furnish revealed that his colleague’s appearance was a surprise, and that it was something of a celebration. “He was an Academy Award-winning actor and there was a lot of fanfare and excitement about his presence at the ball.”commented.

The film’s director reported that he occasionally spoke with the whistleblower, described as a “Very friendly, friendly and accommodating”. “You could always engage in interesting banter with him. He was such a good, interesting and engaging person.”David added.

The man told the court that Spacey made increasingly unwanted sexual advances, which made him physically ill, while the actor claimed they had an affair.Consensual and romanticIn court, Furnish stated that he once joked with the defendant by asking him: “How is the best looking driver in London?”. “He was always very comfortable with this kind of exchange.”completed.

After the differences in the dates, the plaintiff said he may have been confused over the years, but he wasn’t going to forget what happened. However, the timeline is significant because the boy claimed to have been fondled by Spacey for several years, initially in 2000. The fumbling that caused the car accident was the last, it was said.

Kevin, in turn, stated that the two were friends and only had a more romantic connection. However, the guy was heterosexual, so he respected his wish not to move on. The principal also admitted he was devastated when he learned of the complaint to the police, to which he replied that the boy “would have re-imagined” what a consensual touch was.

Elton John testifying at Kevin Spacey’s trial (Photo: Reprise/CBS)

Kevin Spacey is being tried on 12 counts of sexual assault at Southwark Crown Court. The prosecution said the cases took place against four men in the UK between 2001 and 2013, when he was living and working in London. One of the sentences could sentence him to life imprisonment. If found guilty, the judge must hold a separate hearing to announce the verdict.

Originally posted 2023-07-17 19:42:25.