Impossible’ and joins the Hollywood strike

Who is looking forward to seeing the second part of the movie Mission: Impossible – Calculation You may have to wait a little longer. That’s because the star of the saga, Tom Cruise, boycotted tapings to join the Hollywood actors’ and screenwriters’ strike.

According to the British newspaper daily MailThe location where filming took place, at Longcross Film Studios, in the UK, was “deserted”.


Why did Tom Cruise join the Hollywood strike?

Tom Cruise
Actors and screenwriters dissatisfied with the working conditions imposed by Hollywood announced Thursday 13 strikes | Photo: Reproduction/Flickr

Actors and screenwriters dissatisfied with the working conditions imposed by Hollywood announced Thursday the 13th a strike. The decision came after successive failures in contractual negotiations with the studios.

After 63 years, celebrities are back in support of a major hiatus, which may affect many audiovisual products.

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Among the demands put forth by the Hollywood Actors Association (SAG-AFTRA), the category is calling for “better working conditions, fair pay proceeds residues from the pallets flowTransparency in the process of calculating these amounts and regulating their use artificial intelligence (I’m)”.

The union represents 160,000 film and television artists and has already revealed that talks with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance, which represents Hollywood studios, have ended without success. Therefore, the group decided to make the hiatus official.

The biggest strike in 63 years

The last time actors went on strike against the studios was in 1980 over profits from VCRs and pay-TV. Now, this is the first time in 63 years that Hollywood actors and screenwriters have hit out at the same time.

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The only time the two unions were not operating simultaneously was in 1960. On that occasion, they received some benefits, such as access to health insurance and a pension.

But it was the 100-day strike, led by screenwriters in 2007 and 2008, that laid the groundwork for the current struggle: payment for content distributed online.

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