The ingredients in the sweet candy can cause cancer

The famous candy contains a sweetener that can cause cancer

Cancer is, without a doubt, one of the most feared diseases of mankind. This is because the diagnosis brings a strong impact, fear, insecurity, and distress into the patient’s life. For prevention, people usually take some important measures, especially with regard to quality of life.

Food, for example, is something that comes highly recommended by experts. This is because some foods may contain harmful substances and increase the chances of getting sick. This time, for example, we will talk about a beloved dessert that contains one of the most popular sweeteners in the world.

This week, a survey released by the World Health Organization – WHO – placed the sweetener aspartame as a “probable carcinogen”. Despite the classification, they remain safe for consumption at agreed levels, as declared by two groups associated with the famous association associated with people’s health.

The decisions are the result of two WHO expert committees: one indicates whether there is any evidence that a substance poses a potential risk; The other is assessing how much real danger this substance actually poses. And it’s worth noting that the beloved aspartame-containing bullet we’re talking about is Mentos.

Bala Mentos also contains the sweetener aspartame (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)
Bala Mentos also contains the sweetener aspartame, which can cause cancer (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

In addition to Mentos, the sweetener is also used in products such as the Coca-Cola diet soft drink, as explained in an article by CNN Brasil. In its first statement about the additive, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), based in Lyon, France, noted that aspartame is a “probable carcinogen.”

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This classification means that there is limited evidence that a substance can cause cancer. The Joint Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) of the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) came to another conclusion. The recommendation is that aspartame consumption be less than 40 mg/kg per day.

How much aspartame is in Coca-Cola Zero?

According to the Valor portal, it is one of the most common sweeteners incorporated into products – one of the most popular is Coca-Cola without sugar, which contains 42mg of aspartame in a 350ml can.

Coca-Cola without sugar (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)
Coca-Cola without sugar (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

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