Virginia Fonseca shares photos of the lunch the doctor paid for at auction | TV and celebrities

Virginia Fonseca shares photos of the lunch sold at auction

This Tuesday (18), in Poliana and Leonardo’s house, in Goiânia, the meeting took place between plastic surgeon Guilherme Schieble and Virginia Fonseca. During the auction of the Neymar Junior Institute, the doctor from Maringa, Paraná, He paid R700,000 to spend the day with Zé Felipe’s wife.

The meeting took place at the home of Virginia’s wife’s parents, Poliana and Leonardo, in Goiânia.

On the nets, Virginia’s mother-in-law showed all the details of preparing lunch. In addition to Guilherme Scheibel, doctors Willian Peiris and Thiago Baulel, who also participated in the auction to enjoy Pollyanna and Virginia Day, were present.

Virginia Fonseca and her mother-in-law Poliana prepare for lunch at her home – Photo: Instagram The Childbearing

The buffet was in charge of Lillian Lobo. Entrada served with breaded shrimp in crispy coconut and Thai sauce, Parma croquetta with brie cheese and citrus mayonnaise; Beef thighs with wasabi mayonnaise.

The main meal featured brie wrapped in honey flakes with sliced ​​golden almonds. combinations of fine cheeses with a duo of jams; burrata with tomato confit with basil pesto and Himalayan pink salt; parma ham with fresh figs and balsamic reduction; salmon fillets with sour cream, blini and oriental sauce; tilapia with mango; Sprinkle the focaccia chips.

Watch the delights served at lunch by Virigina and Poliana????

Appetizers served at lunch by Virginia and Pollyanna – Photo: Disclosure

Lunch was at Poliana and Leonardo’s house – Image: Disclosure

Details of what was served at lunch – Image: Disclosure

Lunch buffet – Image: Disclosure

Garnish – Image: Disclosure

Before lunch, a delicious aperitif was served – Image: Disclosure

Order of entries – Image: Disclosure

Various cheeses were served – Image: Disclosure

Lunch table – Image: Disclosure

Flowers decorate the huge table – Image: Disclosure

Table arrangement details – Image: Disclosure

William Shepple The doctor who participated in the auction to have lunch with Virginia is certified in otolaryngology and specializes in rhinoplasty. He is also the founder and creator of the Virtual Fellow Program, an international education program for rhinoplasty and plastic surgeons worldwide. He is 36 years old and has 526,000 followers on his social networks.

On this occasion, during his participation in the public auction of the Neymar Junior Institute. He explained why he paid to spend the day with Virginia and Pollyanna: “As much as it may seem like a luxury, the payment for this experience goes directly to a greater purpose, helping to provide opportunities and a better life for the many children. That investment in solidarity and causes that can change lives It’s always the best thing we can do.”

Dr. Guilherme Schieble with Poliana and Virginia Fonseca at the Neymar Jr. Institute. Image: Instagram reproduction

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