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Monica Carvalho was eliminated on Tuesday night (18) from No Limite. The actress, who remade Mulheres de Areia (1993) in reality, was considered by the Urucum team as the “weak link”. It received four votes, to Greiciene’s three. “I feel like I did my best here, but I’ll be out cheering you on,” said the actress.

The telemarketer had already anticipated the vote and had agreed with Yuri Flee to protect themselves during the vote. They were afraid because Monica, Paolo Vilhena and Claudio Heinrich knew each other well before the match.

The premiere was still marked by accusations of being fat-shamed and complaints from Vilhena, insisting that Pepa Diniz had broken the rules at Prova do Privilegio.

Monica still had one last mission in the game. “A reference to where the invulnerability amulet is hidden,” said the actress, who did not reveal her choice.

The Immunity Fetish was inspired by the legend of Sameema. “The healer who sacrificed his life for her son’s life and became the mother tree of the forest. Here she takes care of us,” Fernandez explained, adding that Prova da Imunidad was also inspired by indigenous peoples.

The dynamic was inspired by a game played by the peoples of the Amazons, where they initially had to be the opposing team’s totem. They needed to scatter the sculptural pieces all over the testing ground to prevent competitors from rebuilding them. “Whoever wins this challenge is free from the gate,” the presenter edited.

In addition to winning the Prova do Privilegio, Team Jenipapo also took the top spot and escaped elimination. “It was disappointing,” said Greiciene, who is part of the Urucum tribe.

How was the vote?

Fernandez said that the first elimination would be responsible for a decision that would change the course of the competition. “You lost the Privilege Challenge and the Immunity Challenge. So you deserve to be here,” he said, who asked Heinrich about making a mistake in making the team.

“I don’t regret it one bit, we won almost everything,” said the actor. Paolo Vilhena, in turn, complained that Peppa Diniz had broken the rules during one of the races. Fernando replied: “The images were analyzed by the team and there was nothing.”

On what days is there no limit?

No Limite – Amazônia takes place on two days of the week: on Tuesday and Thursday, when competitions, eliminations and interactions between the participants take place. It airs immediately after the telenovela Terra e Paixão – schedules may change.

who won?

See below the list of winners for the first five seasons of No Limite:

  • Limitless 1 (2000) – Elaine de Melo
  • Limitless 2 (2001) – Leo Rasi
  • Limitless 3 (2001) – Rodrigo Triguero
  • Limitless 4 (2009) – Luciana Araujo
  • No Limite 5 (2021) – Paula Amorim
  • Boundless 6 (2022) – Charles Gama
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