Xbox Game Pass: 5 games will leave the catalog on July 31, 2023

Through the Xbox app, Microsoft has revealed which games will leave the PC and Xbox Game Pass catalog on July 31, 2023 (or August 1 at the latest). There are five in total and they include The Ascent, Two Point Campus, and Marvel’s Avengers Definitive Edition.

Here is the complete list:

  • Marvel’s Avengers Ultimate Edition – PC, console and cloud
  • Missions: Rome – Praca
  • Boarding – PC, console and cloud
  • Two Point Campus – PC, console and cloud
  • dreamscape – PC, console and cloud

As usual, we point out that however unlikely the possibility of this may be, the above list may expand in the coming days. To know the final point, we’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s announcement about the next batch of titles that will hit PC and Xbox Game Pass.

As usual, all of the above games will be available for purchase with a 20% discount (except for the most advantageous offers from the Xbox Store) in the days before the removal of PC and Xbox Game Pass, which, we remind you, is set for the end of July 2023. An option that can be useful if You intend to continue using one or more titles even after they are no longer available in the Service’s catalog.

This month, there are some significant launches like the ridiculously banned management game Two Point Campus and Marvel’s Avengers, which will have no official support from September and will be removed from digital stores.

Originally posted 2023-07-18 11:52:51.