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Jussara (Tatiana Tibúrcio) doesn’t slur her words anymore, but she’ll get over herself in the following chapters. Earth and passion. After Allen (Barbara Reese) refuses to accept financial help from Cayo (Kawa Raymond), the housewife will go after Antonio La Silva’s (Tony Ramos) son. “If you give me money, I won’t complain,” she portrayed at the Opera Globo at nine o’clock in the morning.

A math teacher is about to sell one of the family’s few possessions to pay off a loan. In order not to see her lose the farm, Irene’s stepson (Gloria Perez) will reach out again – and again he will hear “no.”

“I can’t accept that, I’m not the type to accept money from men,” Aline exasperates, Behind the scenes, which will be shown on Tuesday (18).

Gusara, who has heard everything behind the door, will run after Kayo to save the house in the city that he has bought in so much sweat:

My daughter is not a woman of life, no. If you accept your offer, it creates commitment. I taught Aline not to accept money from a man. But if you give me money, I won’t complain.

Allen puts Cayo on the run

Caio will quickly notice that Aline is having financial problems. “It’s just that I’m trying to sell my mother’s house in town,” she says. “But they offer so little.”

The farmer will be surprised. “My debts to the bank are pouring in. If I don’t pay, the land will be put up for auction,” Allen explains. It will also comment that the bank did not agree to extend the deadline.

“It seems that this was my father’s doing,” says the rejected person. “I don’t know if it’s about your father. What I do know is that this situation robs me of my peace,” the young woman admits.

Caillou will then offer financial assistance: “Tell me how much it is. I will pay your debts to the bank.” Proud, the teacher will reject the proposal.

Barbara Reese’s character will then decide to ask for her job at the school. She goes so far as to blackmail Gladys (Leona Cavalli), but she is fired after a few days.

Terra e Paixão is written by Walcyr Carrasco and is set in the fictional town of Nova Primavera in Mato Grosso do Sul. The plot will be on the air until January next year, when it should be replaced by a remake of Rensser (1993).

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