Fluminense x Flamengo will be the 100th Fluminense Flamengo of the 21st century. Watch the 10 most eye-catching | soccer

On Sunday afternoon, the city of Maracanã will experience the 100th flu of the 21st century. Fluminense that it Flamingo Face each other on the stage that has seen the most classic times, although it was not the only stage. At 4 pm (Brasilia time), the teams face each other in the fifteenth round of the Brazilian Championship, to be able to decide who will finish second in the competition.

Because of this number, we’ve separated five Fla-Flus tokens per side. There are titles above the opposition, great goals and even bizarre moves that have entered the history of a game that started 40 minutes ago with nothing. To date, there have been 39 wins for Flamingo29 draws and 31 wins for Fluminense.

Fluminense x Flamengo in Maracanã, Fla-Flu – Photo: André Durão

In the 2001 Guanabara Cup Final, Fla-Flu determined who would be the first guaranteed in that year’s state decision. With the game tied 1-1 in regulation time, the decision went to a penalty shootout. space to win Flamingo, left-back Cássio kicked the left side to goalkeeper Murilo, who saved it. The ball rose, bounced and entered to give the advantage again to Flamingo. This was not the qualifying goal, which Beto scored on the next kick. But it was determined to be a Fla-Flu penalty by Cássio.

It happened at the State Department: in 2001, Flamengo beat Influenza on penalties and took the Guanabara Cup

A tricolor bypass is one in which the opponent almost does not see the color of the ball. With Fabio Balla, Carlos Alberto and Edmilson, it was Fluminense He scored three times in 11 minutes to decide the game early in the first. a Flamingo He was undefeated until then and Flu was seventh in the Campeonato Carioca. However, confidence in red and black gave way to the “olé” tricolor.

In 2003, Fluminense scored three goals in eleven minutes and beat Flamengo

Three years after Casio and the magic kick won the Guanabara Cup Flamingo, another left-back who was important to the Reds Lions’ victory. The team started at the front with Jin, but lost in turn and heard new cries of “oleh”, as in the previous year. Behold, at 24 minutes, Felipe went down. Two minutes later came the equalizer with Roger Guerrero and in the 30th minute he himself – who had been booed in the first half of the previous match – scored the turning point and the victory of the match. Flamingo.

In 2004, Flamengo achieved a historic surprise over Fluminense in the Campeonato Carioca

2005 Rio Cup final between Flamingo that it Fluminense Who will face Volta Redonda in the decision of that year’s Carioca tournament will be decided. There are those who say that the tricolor ball resulted from the blessing of João Paulo 2nd, who died the day before. The general farewell at the Maracanã was marked by defeat with a magnificent goal from Brito Casagrande.

Remember the Rio Cup final between Flamengo and Fluminense in 2005

With mixed teams for the match, as they were guaranteed in the semi-finals of the Guanabara Cup, Flamingo that it Fluminense They only started to give fame to the classic in the second half of that match. At the start of the final stage, Cliperson opened the scoring, but Thiago Neves showed that in Fla-Flu you have to be willing and able, as the song of the moment said. The tri-colour jersey scored three times (two fouls and a great goal with a pen) and immortalized the ‘crio’ by showing all swing in celebration of the second and third goals in the tri-colour.

Goals scored by Flamengo 1 x 4 Fluminense in the seventh round of the 2008 Guanabara Cup

Coming from two historic starts in the previous year, Flamingo that it Fluminense They met for the first time. Even with the red and black victory, the match led to a crisis in Javea, with Petković sidelined for not obeying the orders of Vice-President of Football Marcos Praz. Flu started better and opened 3 to 1 on the scoreboard. But Wagner Löw, Kleberson and Adriano completed the turning point Flamingo. If the defense of the tricolor was undefeated until then, the attack of the red and black had a double that ended the match with half of the team’s goals until then.

Império do Amor shines and Flamengo turns the match against Fluminense in the Maracanã

Argentine Dario Bottnelli entered the history of the classics with two kicks from outside the area at the end of the match. Beautiful goals were essential to Flamingo turn the Fluminense The Brazilian championship game for that year. In the first goal, Bottinelli spoke with Thiago Neves at the time FlamingoHe asks to take the free kick and asks his teammate to trust him. I passed. It worked so well that confidence remained high for Cavalieri’s corner kick that made it a name he will be remembered 12 years later.

Bottinelli scored two goals and will become Flamengo’s classics champion against Fluminense

All three colors know very well how the 2012 Brazilian championship ended. Fluminense He was already the leader of the series and in a team with Deco, Fred and Thiago Neves (this time on the tri-colour side), it was the striker who scored an amazing goal with a volley. One of the most beautiful striker’s career has almost been consigned to oblivion. If Bottinelli was a champion in the previously highlighted Fla-Flu, this time he failed to give victory to FlamingoBecause he missed the penalty kick that could have been a red and black tie. In the end, three more points and Fluminense Closer to the fourth Brazilian title.

With a wonderful goal from Fred and a save by Cavalieri, Fluminense beats Flamengo for the Brazilian

The second match of the Carioca Final started with an electrification. Henrique Dorado opened the scoring for the Flu in the third minute and left the final open. Like the Flamingo won the first match by 1 to 0, a tie would take the title to Javea. Fla-Flu’s first final game of the century changed hands when Guerrero tied the game, on the 39th. Cavalieri was still dismissed at the end of the match, when Rodinei was thrown out of the area. In the 50th minute, the final blow: Rodini struck himself, entered the area and fired at the goal defended by an impromptu Orejuela who tried, but did not come close to parrying what seemed to be already set.

The decision divides the families, but the red-blacks prevail and leave the Maracanã in celebration

Fernando Diniz’s first title with a Serie A club was precisely one of the team’s best moments this season. With an uplifting display on Easter Sunday, the tri-color crowd celebrated with plenty of chocolate applied to their biggest competitor. The decision had targets from experienced players, like Marcelo and Kano to younger ones, like young Alexandre. Although it’s not the latest Fla-Flu and has been knocked out in the Brazil Cup en route, it’s what will stand out to fans thanks to the tricolor’s vast dominance on the field.

The colors of the chocolate tricolor: Fluminense crushes Flamengo and is twice champion in Rio

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