Understanding the reasons behind the scenes of Mano Menezes’ resignation upon the return of Inter and Codete | international

The afternoon was falling in Porto Alegre, with a cold close to 10 degrees Celsius, when Inter decided to resign Mano Menezes. The board meeting decided to implement what was considered a behind the scenes contingency plan for the future. And the team’s performance in the season, especially in the last three matches, the presidential elections and the round of 16 of the Libertadores, influenced the decision that surprised even the players. Eduardo Codette will show his scarf again.

Remember Eduardo Codete’s time at Atlético-MG

Going forward, the agreement with Argentina is a meeting that is confirmed and made official. Final contract details and signing should be done in the next few hours. In 2023, Codette captained Atlético MG and left the club in June.

Colorado fan, do you support the return of Eduardo Codete to Inter?

There was already talk of a possible return of Coudet to Inter after a draw with Palmeiras in the third match without a win and without scoring a single goal, when Mano Menezes was still holding a press conference as coach of the club. That scenario, however, was described to GE on Sunday as a contingency plan to “save the year” just in case of elimination in the last 16 of the Libertadores.

President Alessandro Barcelos’ meeting with vice presidents decided to anticipate Manu’s departure. The focal point has been the team’s performance in recent commitments. The board realized that a coach can (and should) get more from the team, eg General Electric.

Alessandro Barcellos and Manu Menezes – Photo: Marcos Ribolli / ge

Internal stress was also diagnosed between the coach and the group of players. Ji has heard reports of athletes discontented with managers with locker room restrictions and even with some of Manu’s work.

Barcelona has always maintained a relationship of trust with Manu, to the point of ruling out the dismissal of the coach after a series of five consecutive defeats. At the moment, Inter have been defeated in their last 12 matches, despite being eliminated in the Brazil Cup in favor of America-MG in that period.

Close relationship with Coudet

At the same time, the relationship between coach Eduardo Codete and Barcelos has not been broken. Zaeem was Vice President of Football for most of Argentina’s previous visit to Beira Rio in 2020.

The coach even used the image of Barcellos on WhatsApp at the time of the elections won by the current representative in December 2020. The closeness between the two is an asset of the manager, who also had weight in that the exchange would come at the end of the year, when it will try to last for another three years.

Alessandro Barcelos with Eduardo Codete in 2020 – Photo: Eduardo Deconto / ge

A large part of Barcelona’s supporters advocated the change and hoped for the return of Coudet, who led Colorado in part of the campaign that resulted in the 2020 Brazilian runners-up, which ended in February 2021.

Incidentally, Codit recently said he owed it to the Inter fans for the way he left in 2020. In the midst of the Brasileirao dispute, he accepted an offer from Celta de Vigo and left the club. There was a disagreement with the council at that time. The Argentine’s statement came after Manu’s criticism.

– It was the club that opened its doors here in Brazil. I am very grateful to all these people, to the Inter fans, how they treated me. I am indebted to this club and the fans, and one day, who knows, football will allow this debt to be paid – Codit highlighted in May.

Inter should make Codit’s return official in the next few hours. The tendency is for the coach to sign until the end of the season, and if Barcelona is re-elected, to extend the association.

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